Drama CD Review: ノアとノエル


Title : ノアとノエル – Noah to Noel – Noah and Noel

Company: TwoFive – Scenario : 風花琴梨 (it’s ひよ-hiyo- !!!) – Artwork : つきのおまめ

Cast : Noah [ノア] : CV Nojima Hirofumi [野島裕史] – Noel [ノエル] : CV Nojima Kenji [野島健児]

Theme : Fairy Tale – Keywords : whimsical, confusing, naughty siblings, twins…

Website : ノアとノエル


Before we begin… IT’S HIYOO!!! lol. Under the pen name 風花琴梨 (I can’t really spell this, I’m sucks at spelling  names). But it’s hiyo, the infamous エッチ scenario writer. I know she’s working a several drama cds as well but this is the first time I found her non へんたい pervert work. orz orz orz. *I’m getting worried how this cd will turned out* (*T▽T*) but oh well, I love NojiKen and this time he’s with his younger brother Nojima Hirofumi!!! (who have a similiar voice but a bit lower pitch? I think… ) Noah is the one who wears white suit and Noel is the black one. Okay, let’start… Continue reading