Drama CD Review: 愛されすぎて××されちゃうCD 『溺愛カレシ』&『執着カレシ』

愛されすぎて××されちゃうCD 『溺愛カレシ』&『執着カレシ』

愛されすぎて××されちゃうCD 『溺愛カレシ』&『執着カレシ』

AISARESUGITE XX SARECHAU CD 『Dekiai Kareshi』& 『Shuuchaku Kareshi』

Company : Melty Drop – Scenario : 朝比奈きっか – Artwork : ふしみ彩香

Cast: Gotou Ryuuichi [後藤龍一]: CV Oosaka Ryouta [逢坂良太]

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I got this cds from a friend who forced me to listen to these crap and writes my thoughts about it. Since I already ordered the second volume, I guess it’s okay to hear the first volume. But I was wrong. I’ll be frank, this cds annoyed me to the level of no return. (; ̄Д ̄) I warn you this review will be very very subjective. Since it’s pretty short I decide to write it into one post.

Basically it’s like Osananajimi no Kare with white and black route. The first cd is Dekiai Kareshi – Doting boyfriend and the second is Shuuchaku Kareshi – Obsessive Boyfriend. You have this Gotou Ryuuichi as a boyfriend and you to already going out for about three months when you suddenly got a rabureta from random dude makes Ryuuichi start nagging like crazy. Then he goes all yandere. He doesn’t lock you up or drug you whatsoever. But he just act like annoying INSECURE-PUPPY-IN-HEAT. Continue reading