Drama CD Review: SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 1 アキラ

極限のダミーヘッド官能ソングSEVENTH HEAVEN Vol. 1 アキラ

究極のダミーヘッド官能ソング SEVENTH HEAVEN vol.1 アキラ


Company : Rejet – Lyrics : Iwasaki Daisuke [岩崎大介] – Illustration : 35

Cast: Akira [アキラ] : CV Nojima Kenji [野島健児]

Official Website


Theme: Shinigami – Keywords: prince, do-S, tsundere (つω⊂* )

Finally Seventh Heaven, yay! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ I know this cd already out since a pretty much long time ago, but I swear to myself not to touch this until my pre-ordered seven cds come. But I JUST CAN’T HOLD MYSELF when my friend offer me her cd *and I know my cds much likely arrived next year. orz. Anyway let’s start…

The basic plot is you’re a girl who tried to commit suicide but end up at 柊館 (Hiiragi Mansion – holly mansion? – bishie mansion lol) and met one of the bishies Seventh Heaven – shinigami who could grant you a peaceful and painless death by their song. Since the ritual could only performed at fullmoon (or it’s Kanade closing the moon), you’ll spend time with him at the mansion (and of course eventually you two fell in love)… Continue reading


Drama CD Review: ノアとノエル


Title : ノアとノエル – Noah to Noel – Noah and Noel

Company: TwoFive – Scenario : 風花琴梨 (it’s ひよ-hiyo- !!!) – Artwork : つきのおまめ

Cast : Noah [ノア] : CV Nojima Hirofumi [野島裕史] – Noel [ノエル] : CV Nojima Kenji [野島健児]

Theme : Fairy Tale – Keywords : whimsical, confusing, naughty siblings, twins…

Website : ノアとノエル


Before we begin… IT’S HIYOO!!! lol. Under the pen name 風花琴梨 (I can’t really spell this, I’m sucks at spelling  names). But it’s hiyo, the infamous エッチ scenario writer. I know she’s working a several drama cds as well but this is the first time I found her non へんたい pervert work. orz orz orz. *I’m getting worried how this cd will turned out* (*T▽T*) but oh well, I love NojiKen and this time he’s with his younger brother Nojima Hirofumi!!! (who have a similiar voice but a bit lower pitch? I think… ) Noah is the one who wears white suit and Noel is the black one. Okay, let’start… Continue reading